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Yes , like you I have many RC aircraft, perhaps too many. Learnt to fly years ago while in the RAF (tarmac runways…luxury!!) but never took my A Cert which proved a pain when I tried to joins clubs in civvy street. I didn’t fly for about 15 years then found a club where you if you could take off and land 3 times you could fly solo. Turns out RC flying is like riding a bike, once learnt you don’t forget and after a few weeks getting back into the groove, I took and passed my A cert at the end of last year.

At the moment my hanger is full off mainly electric foam models, Riot, Ruckus (bought after watching your YouTube video), Riot XL, Wot 4 etc… but I also enjoy balsa bashing and I’ve got a few others in the pipeline. Radio wise I’m a Spektrum man currently using an iX12.