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I actually started this build several weeks ago but I’m just now getting round to putting it on here. After the wing ribs were complete, over the period of a week or so, I cracked on and framed up the wings, sheeted them, made the mounts for and installed the retracts and installed the aileron servos, made the fuselage sides and formers and joined the sides, taking pictures along the way. I normally use my iphone for this but on the day it was on charge so I dug out my digital camera and used that for the pictures. It was at the point when I decided to put it on here, I realised that the memory card was corrupt and I’d lost the lot…..gutted.

So the next bit is fast forwarded somewhat. This picture shows the retracts fitted. I considered using electric retracts but found it difficult to spec a set up for what I needed, pus they were working around around £120 for a set where these were £15 second hand but as new off FB. Note the Proskin surrounds which is much stronger than balsa and the underside of the actuating servo.